Transform Your Child's Room into a Playful Paradise

Transform Your Child's Room into a Playful Paradise

If you're like me, your kids' rooms can feel like a minefield of broken toys and crayon-covered walls. But it doesn't have to be this way! Your child's room could be a playful paradise where they can imagine any adventure, build pillow forts and play with their favorite toys. The key is to create an inviting space that helps them do what they love!

Space themed baby room with dark grey accent wall

Consider a themed room

You can take this a step further by creating a themed room. This can be done in nearly any space, but it's especially fun to do in a child’s bedroom—especially when you have young children who are still learning about the world around them. A themed room allows you to teach your kids about different cultures and history while also giving them a chance to play with toys that they otherwise wouldn't get access to.

Child room with entire chalkboard wall

Create a chalkboard wall

To create this chalkboard wall, you will need chalkboard paint (available at hardware stores and craft stores), paint brushes of different sizes and a step ladder or other tall platform to reach the top of your wall. To make sure the paint is applied evenly, you'll want to start with a smooth surface. If there are imperfections that won't come off with a tack cloth, cover them up by painting over them with white primer first. Once this has dried overnight, apply two coats of chalkboard paint in whatever pattern or design that strikes your fancy!

Kid bedroom with teepee and house design bed in black and white colors

Make a teepee tent

If you'd like to go the simple route, then a teepee tent is perfect for your child. You can use a bedsheet and tie the corners together with rope or ribbon. You can even make one using two sheets if you have enough fabric on hand. If you want to get fancy, try three sheets! This will give your kid plenty of room to play inside their own private den.

Nursery with glow in the dark stars painted on dark grey wall

Paint with glow-in-the-dark paint

You can give your child's room a fun glow-in-the-dark makeover by painting one wall with glow paint. The most popular choice is phosphorescent paint, which glows green in the dark and is easy to find online or at hardware stores.

Kids room with 3 dry eraser boards and a table with two chairs

Add inspiring quotes on the wall

If you want something more permanent, try using dry erase markers or removable tape.

You can also use a chalkboard paint to create a chalkboard wall decal or frame. You could even frame an old piece of wood and make it into a magnetic board for their photos and notes!

Child bedroom with wallpaper, twin size bed and nursery bed

Decorate with removable wallpaper

Use removable wallpapers to decorate your children's room. These will not only be easy to clean, but you also won't have to worry about them outgrowing the decor. You can take it down when they're older and use it in another room or as a temporary decoration for a birthday party, holiday or other special occasion.

White pillow fort in child bedroom with teddy bear and moon pillow

Build an epic pillow fort

What kid doesn't love a good pillow fort? The possibilities are endless and it's a great way to create a private space for your child. They can read, play and relax in their own little world. Pillow forts are also the perfect place to have friends over. They can serve as a hideout or even provide a cozy setting for an afternoon tea party!