Terrace Design Ideas for Every Style and Budget

Terrace Design Ideas for Every Style and Budget

Outdoor spaces are often the most exciting part of a home, and they can also be the most challenging. You want to enjoy your outdoor space all year long, but you also want it to be beautiful and functional. With a little bit of planning, you can create an outdoor space that's exactly right for you.

Terrace with pool and wooden furniture

Decide what type of outdoor space you want to create

The first step in designing your terrace is to decide what type of outdoor space you want to create. Do you have a porch, patio or terrace? The answer to this question will help determine the materials and features that are used on the terrace. You should also plan ahead for how often the space will be used, whether it's just for relaxing at night or an extension of your kitchen during dinner parties with friends.

Modern patio with wooden floors and potted plant

Choose the right materials.

When it comes to the materials you choose, think about the overall look you want to create. If your home has an industrial vibe, consider using materials like cinder block or reclaimed wood. If your style is more modern and sleek, glass might be your best bet.

Terrace with iron furniture, plants and floor tiles

Match your style to your surroundings

When researching different design styles for your terrace consider. Which elements are most important for my style? Which materials would work best with my existing house and yard? What kinds of features could I incorporate into this space that would make it feel like home and make me feel like I am spending time there instead of just passing through on my way somewhere else!

Patio with concrete lounge chairs and tablePatio with wooden chairs and tree trunk table

Use natural materials in unexpected places

Even if you’re not a big fan of outdoor furniture, that doesn't mean your terrace has to be a bare space. Using natural materials in unexpected places is a great way to add texture.