Maximizing Storage in Your Bathroom: Ideas and Solutions

Maximizing Storage in Your Bathroom: Ideas and Solutions

It's no secret that bathrooms are often the most cluttered rooms in our homes. If you're looking for ways to maximize your bathroom storage without sacrificing style, here are some of my favorite ideas!

Dark brown bathroom vanity with shelves

Add shelving to your bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place to add some shelving, especially if you're short on space. If you want to maximize storage in your bathroom, it's essential to think about where and how you can add shelves.

Bathroom with marble walling and white cabinets

Add cabinets to your bathroom

You can use a mirror to double the space in a small bathroom. If you have a large mirror, place it against one wall, and then place two smaller ones on that same wall across from each other. You can also add shelves or drawers to your existing cabinets and closets by adding them onto either side of them.

White bathroom small vanityWhite floating bathroom vanity

Add storage underneath your bathroom sink

The first thing to consider when adding storage under your bathroom sink is what kind of space it has available. If there’s enough room for a shelf or cabinet, great! If not, consider other options like adding a basket or container to hold toiletries or even creating a bag for dirty clothes so that everything has its own place.

Bathroom with light grey vanity and medicine cabinet

Add a medicine cabinet to your bathroom.

It’s not just for medicine anymore. Like any other cabinet, a medicine cabinet can be used for storing other items. For example, if you have extra toiletries that are taking up space in your bathroom drawers, put them in the medicine cabinet instead.

Bathroom with abstract wallpaper and wicker storage baskets

Use baskets in your bathroom

Baskets are a great way to store towels. They can be hung on the wall or placed in the corner of your bathroom, and even used as additional storage for toiletries under your sink or in the shower.