How to Choose the Perfect Living Room Sofa

How to Choose the Perfect Living Room Sofa

When choosing a sofa for your living room, remember that it's one of the biggest investments you will make and can deeply affect the look and feel of your home. But don't worry. We're here to help!

Brown velvet couch with royal blue ottoman and incense on coffee table

Think about the size of your room

The first step to choosing the perfect living room sofa is understanding how much space you have to work with. You may be surprised by how many options there are for sofas that fit into smaller rooms, and if you're willing to make some sacrifices in terms of comfort and function, you can find one that doesn't take up too much space.

Blue sectional couch with white walls and wooden furniture

Consider how it will be used

Before you even begin to think about your sofa's design or color, it's important to consider how it will be used. If you have kids and/or pets, consider getting a sofa that is easy to clean. A durable fabric like microfiber or leather can make all the difference when it comes time to clean up after your family. A dark-colored fabric can hide stains better than lighter ones, but if your budget allows it, then go for some extra pizzazz!

Retro style living room with sofa, chairs and wall art

What style do you want?

Before you can buy a sofa, you need to decide what style best suits your needs. There are three main styles: classic, contemporary and retro.

Classic sofas are simple designs with clean lines and minimal features that blend well with a variety of decorating styles, often made from leather or fabric in neutral colors like black and gray. Contemporary sofas have more pronounced curves than classic designs, sometimes with exposed wood frames or metal accents such as legs on the bottom of their design that give them a modern look. Retro sofas, being made from more delicate materials, tend to deteriorate faster than classic models under regular use.

Beige sofa with turquoise pillows in front of big windows

Will it go next to a window?

If your living room sofa will be next to a window, make sure that you have enough room to sit down and move around in. If you plan on having the sofa in front of or near a large window, make sure that it won't block any natural light. You'll also want to measure the height of your window before purchasing a new sofa because some couches are higher than others. If you have a large window, then go ahead and get yourself a larger couch so that everyone has plenty of legroom!

Brown leather couch with pastel green ottoman, throw blankets and big potted plant art wall decor

You'll need to choose a fabric or leather

If you like to get comfy on the couch after a long day at work then maybe a plush velvet fabric would be best. However if toddlers and dogs run through your home then leather may be better suited for their claws and teeth!

Circular grey couch with matching chairs and green statement paintings

Decide what shape you want

When you're deciding on the shape of your sofa, keep in mind that it has an impact on the look and feel of your living room. You can choose from sofas with square or rectangular silhouettes, rounded edges and corners, or a mixture of these shapes. This will depend on what kind of style you want to achieve with your furniture pieces in general.

Beige sofa with wood backdrop and reindeer mounted on the wall

Plan ahead

When you're ready to buy that perfect sofa, there are a few factors you should consider.

If your living room is large enough, get a couch that can accommodate multiple people without feeling cramped. If the design of the furniture in your home is consistent with its style, then choosing a sofa that compliments those other pieces should be easy. For example, if all of your furniture has clean lines and minimalism as its theme, then choose an upholstered piece with simple lines and structure that doesn't stand out from everything else in the room.