How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash is a great way to add color and texture to your space. Whether you're looking for something traditional, modern or in between, there's a backsplash out there for you. But how do you know which one will be right for your home? We've got some tips that'll help you find the perfect one!

Know your style

Before you begin shopping for kitchen backsplashes, it’s important to know your style. Knowing your style will help you narrow down your options and make sure that the backsplash you choose is a good fit.

So what are some common styles? Some popular styles include: modern, rustic/natural/eclectic, shabby chic and traditional/classic. There are many others as well!

Think about the countertop

You can have a backsplash that matches your countertop, or you can have one that complements the countertop.If you have granite countertops, for example, then you will want to choose a backsplash material that is easy to clean and maintains its color. If your kitchen has marble countertops, then you will want to take into consideration what type of wood themes are in the rest of the room's design before picking out a backsplash material.

Take measurements

You will want to take measurements of the width and length of your kitchen, as well as the height of your cabinets. You'll also need to figure out how much space there is between cabinets and count the number of them if you have an island or peninsula. It's also important to measure from where your stove sits back from the wall so you know where you can install a backsplash without it interfering with its use.

Get inspired!

Before you embark on your kitchen backsplash journey, take some time to get inspired. Look at magazines and design websites for inspiration. You can also look on Pinterest and search for “kitchen backsplash” to see what other people are doing with their own kitchens.

Here are tips to find the perfect kitchen backsplash

If you're searching for the perfect kitchen backsplash, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the overall aesthetic of your space, and choose a material that will complement it.

Second, decide on the size of your kitchen.

Finally, know that whatever backsplash option you choose needs to match well with all other materials within the space so it doesn't distract from those items!