Exterior Color Schemes: How to Choose the Perfect Palette for Your Home

Exterior Color Schemes: How to Choose the Perfect Palette for Your Home

You've probably heard the saying, "The outside is the finishing touch." That's because how your home looks from the outside is often a reflection of what's going on inside. This is why choosing the right exterior colors for your home can be so important!

Two story house with red panelling

Consider the neighborhood

Once you've figured out which colors are most in tune with your home, it's time to consider the neighborhood. The exterior of your home should look inviting and fit in with its surroundings, but it shouldn't blend in too much either. If there are already a lot of homes on the block with red brick exteriors, you might want to choose something a little different like beige or gray so that your place stands out from the crowd at first glance.

House with grey-green exterior and white garage door

Be realistic about your budget

Before you start gathering inspiration, it's important to consider how much money you can actually spend on the project. Start by making a list of all the materials needed for your exterior paint job. This includes the cost of any primer, paint and other supplies as well as labor costs. If hiring professionals isn't an option for you, be sure to add in extra time required to complete the painting yourself.

Japanese yellow house with black roof shingles

Use a color wheel to choose your perfect colors

A color wheel is a specific tool for choosing colors. It can help you choose contrasting and complementary colors that work well together, which will make your home more appealing to the eye. A color wheel can also be used to create a palette of colors that work well together, which will help you create different moods in each room of your house.

House with white exterior and caramel coloured door, window trimmings and black copper doorknob

Focus on the details, like your door color and hardware style

Another important area to consider is your door hardware. A variety of different hues and finishes are available, from the classic brass knob to a modern stainless-steel look.

House with light orange paint and purple trimmings

Get guidance from a professional painter or designer

If you're still having trouble deciding what color to use, consider enlisting the help of a professional painter or designer. A few paint companies offer free consultations and/or samples, so be sure to ask about that. If they don't, then it's also worth asking them how they would choose this palette if they were doing the job themselves.