Enhancing Your Bedroom with Soothing Color Schemes

Enhancing Your Bedroom with Soothing Color Schemes

If you're looking to create a soothing bedroom environment, the colors you choose can make all the difference. Whether it's calming down after a long day at work or helping you fall asleep faster, adding blues and greens into the mix is likely to help. I'm going to prove my point by showing off some bedrooms that have all these elements and more!

Bedroom with white bed and blue dressers

Create a Serene Setting With Blues

The color blue has been associated with water since ancient times. The sky, oceans and rivers are all sources of water, which acts as a symbol for peace and tranquility in many cultures around the world. This association is why many people find blue so soothing, it reminds them of being near a body of water in a beautiful setting like an island or beach.

Bedroom with pastel green color walls and leather ottomans

Green Is Good for Your Mood and Your Health

Green is a restorative hue that evokes thoughts of spring, summertime, and happiness. It's also an excellent choice for bedrooms because it's easy on the eyes. It can be hard to sleep when you're surrounded by bright lights or jarring colors.

Industrial inspired bedroom with exposed stone pillars and raw materials

The Healing Power of Nature in Your Bedroom

Use natural materials. It's not just an aesthetic thing, nature is soothing, so if you surround yourself with items that are made from wood, stone or cotton, you can get a similar effect as being outside.

Bedroom with purple throw blanket, purple accents and thread wall decoration

The Power of Purple

Purple is the color of royalty and spirituality. It’s associated with creativity and wisdom, loyalty, justice, and purity. Try incorporating purple into your bedroom by adding accents such as throw pillows or curtains in this lovely shade.