Designing the Ultimate Outdoor Terrace: Expert Tips and Tricks

Designing the Ultimate Outdoor Terrace: Expert Tips and Tricks

A well-designed terrace can serve as an extension of your home's interior design and it's an excellent way to bring more light into your living area during those long winter months.

Outdoor terrace with wooden deck and furniture

Creating a terrace that functions as an outdoor room

A terrace should be a place where you can entertain guests and relax. Offer spaces where people can sit or stand comfortably during all seasons. Consider the climate of your area before choosing a design. Create an environment that balances both decor and functionality.

Terrance with outdoor work station

Best ways to maximize space on your deck

Use a folding table. A folding table is one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor furniture you can have. It can be used to serve meals, play games, or do work on your laptop. Use a small grill. If you like barbecuing but don’t want to give up any space on your deck or patio, consider getting an outdoor grill that stores easily in even smaller spaces than those required by folding tables or chairs.

Outdoor terrace with table, chairs and barbecue grill

Choose furniture that will last

Outdoor furniture is more than just a place to sit and relax. It's also an important part of your home's design and style, so you want to make sure that the furniture you select is both comfortable and durable.

Garden with potted plants and natural wood furniture

Incorporate plants into the design

Incorporating plants into your outdoor terrace design can help to create the illusion of space and provide a natural barrier against pests. Plants also help filter the air and absorb carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen back into the environment. They can even reduce stress and improve mood!

Terrace with patio furniture and lighting

Use outdoor lighting

Use lighting to highlight certain areas of the terrace. If your patio has multiple zones, such as a dining area with seating and a lounge area with sofas, you may want to create separate areas with distinct sources of illumination by using different types of light fixtures near each one.

Terrace with wooden table and chairs

Keep the terrace design cohesive

You may want to consider your home’s style and how that will affect the design of your terrace.

Patio with table, chairs, umbrella and wood fireplace

Protect your outdoor furniture from the elements

When you’re looking to create the ultimate outdoor living space, it's important to make sure that your furniture is in good condition. One of the best ways to protect your furniture from Mother Nature's elements is with a patio umbrella.